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Demand for Payment


A demand for payment is a formal request for someone to settle an outstanding debt. It's often used as a first step in the collection process before resorting to legal action.

Here's a breakdown of what a demand for payment entails:

  • Purpose: To inform the debtor (the person who owes money) about the debt and request its full payment.

  • Content:

    • Clearly state the amount owed.

    • Briefly explain the reason for the debt (goods purchased, service rendered, etc.).

    • Include deadlines for payment.

    • Mention potential consequences of non-payment (late fees, interest charges, or legal action).

  • Tone: It should be professional, firm, and clear.

There are two main ways a demand for payment can be delivered:

  1. Demand Letter: A formal written document sent via certified mail.

  2. Verbal Demand: Less formal, typically used for smaller debts or as a follow-up to a written demand letter.

Here are some resources that might be helpful depending on your situation:

Notary Service at Your Door

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