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Need a Notary to Notarize

Certified Copies


A certified true copy notarization, also commonly referred to as a notarized copy, is the process of having a notary public verify that a photocopy is an accurate and complete replica of the original document. The notary will typically:

  • Examine the original document: They'll ensure it appears to be genuine, not a copy.

  • Compare the copy to the original: They'll meticulously check to make sure all content on the copy exactly matches the original, including any signatures, seals, or stamps.

  • Complete a notary certificate: Once verified, they'll add a certificate stating that the copy is a true representation of the original document. This certificate will include the notary's seal and signature, along with their expiration date.

Why get a certified true copy notarized?

A certified true copy can be useful in situations where you need to submit a copy of an important document but don't want to risk giving away the original. Here are some common reasons:

  • Supplying official documents for government applications

  • Providing verification of identification (passport, driver's license)

  • Submitting academic transcripts or diplomas

  • Including documentation for business purposes (contracts, licenses)

Things to keep in mind:

  • Notaries typically cannot certify copies of certain documents, such as vital records (birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.) These can usually only be obtained from the issuing agency.

  • The specific requirements for notary public certification can vary by state. In Virginia, for instance, notaries can certify most documents except for vital records.

If you're unsure whether a certified true copy notarization is necessary or how to get one done in your area, it's always best to consult with the agency or institution requesting the document.

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